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On this page, you can download some useful free resources associated with the book, this website and auditions in general. More will be added in the future, so please check back regularly.




Here are two downloadable versions of the Audition Log - that's discussed in Chapter 9 of the book - for you to print or save to your computer.


CLICK HERE  to download the PDF version of the log, which you can print out, write by hand and keep in a file.

CLICK HERE  to download the Microsoft Word version of the log, which you can customise, type on and save on the hard drive of your computer, a disk or memory stick (if you are viewing this website on an Apple Mac, iPad or iPhone, click above to download the MS Word version and then click the button on the top right of the screen to 'Open in Pages'). 




It is vital to know what you want from your career, as we discuss in the Preparation and Research Chapter (chapter 3), so here's a form to help you set and achieve your goals.


CLICK HERE  to download the goals sheet in PDF format.





Download this sheet to keep a record of your achievements on display, to remind you how well you've done in the past and motivate you to achieve your goals in the future


CLICK HERE  to download the achievement sheet in PDF format.





Here are downloadable forms for you to print out and write your measurements on  - as we talk about in the Commercial Castings Chapter (chapter 25) of the book. Do this now and keep the information on file, as your agent may request it, as will wardrobe personnel when you are offered a job, so be prepared!


CLICK HERE  to download the MALE measurement form in PDF format

CLICK HERE  to download the FEMALE measurement form in PDF format




CLICK HERE  to download a checklist in PDF format, which you can fill in and tick off to ensure that you are prepared and have all the information you need, whenever you have an audition. 




CLICK HERE  to download the résumé template in PDF format, that is featured in the Submitting Yourself For Work Chapter (chapter 3). You can look at the layout and content and experiment compiling your own CV.




CLICK HERE  to download a form in PDF format, which will help those newly graduated from drama schools and performing arts courses to evaluate how far they've come during their training, the things that still need improvement, as well as setting goals and reminding them of those people they have met along the way who may be useful contacts for the future.



CLICK HERE  to download a sheet in PDF format, which contains all the information your local library will need to order a copy of Auditions: The Complete Guide for you and other library users to borrow. Print the sheet and take it to the library when requesting this. 






If your device doesn't already have the Adobe Acrobat or another PDF Reader installed, CLICK HERE to download this safe software free of charge.