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AUDITIONS: THE COMPLETE GUIDE, is the book by British Casting Director, Richard Evans, which is packed with useful advice, tips, techniques and background information on how to find out about and improve your success at auditions, castings and interviews in many areas of the entertainment industry.   It is aimed at everyone - professional or amateur - from those considering training for a career in the performing arts, to the most experienced professionals looking to update their skills and knowledge.   This is the second edition, published in April 2014 (the original book, Auditions: A Practical Guide, was published in April 2009) - Richard's 25th year in casting, and 35th in the Industry.

As well as information about the book and its chapters, the site also features many pages containing useful tips, advice, downloads and resources from Richard, so please take your time and explore the pages of this site.   There's also a forum if you want to share experiences, or ask or answer questions and you can sign up below to receive regular email alerts and be the first to hear Richard's news and receive offers. 

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